Interesting take on the VB mentality…

Ted Neward has an interesting take on the VB mentality and it’s meaning in an entry entitled “The problem of “Do It Yourself” and Java”. A small quote:

[…] The VB community has long been a community that focuses on “getting the job done”, no matter what it takes, which of course to the ears of a C++ guy has that evil and despised overtone of “HACK” written all over it. The C++ guy would MUCH rather find the elegant solution, rather than live with code that smells. Unfortunately, this sort of thinking tends to lead towards solutions that are single-shot and specific to the project (if not the company) that creates it. […] It’s a problem I’d never seen before until I started spending more time in the company of those who actually come from that community. […] Don’t believe me? Take some time to hang out with the local VB crowd for a while, and just see how different their approach, styles, and thought patterns are. And don’t, for God’s sake, look down on their way of doing things, or you’ll be missing the point entirely.

The entry is definitely worth checking out!

2 thoughts on “Interesting take on the VB mentality…

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  2. Daniel

    I agree completely and I would go one step further…As a group, people who program in C/C++ tend to have have bigger egos and paychecks than VB/C# programmers.


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