Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in…

The transition to .Text has gone very smoothly, with one exception – my bandwidth usage has gone way, way up since I switched. Since I host my own blog and pay for my own bandwidth, this is not an academic issue. I investigated my logs a bit and my percentage of “304 Not Modified” responses for my RSS feed plummeted since I went over to .Text. A little further probing indicated that the conditional GET mechanism that .Text implements for its RSS feeds is somewhat broken at best. It ignores entity tags and can’t agree with itself about which time it should use for If-Modified-Since.

To try and help out my pocketbook, I went in and (I hope) fixed the conditional GET mechanism to work properly now. Because I’m anal-retentive that way, I also cleaned up the code a bit. Anyway, my hope is that my bandwidth usage will drop now that I’ve implemented the changes on the blog. On the other hand, please let me know if your aggregator suddenly stops fetching my entries or something. (I’ll try and post some on Monday to verify this.) I’ve also sent some mail to ScottW to figure out how to contribute fixes to the source code, so .96 can benefit.

As an interesting side note, because .Text is written in C#, I also had to do the most sustained C# programming that I’ve had to do in a while. Boy do I ever, ever, ever miss background compilations (even given the problems with it) and case insensitivity. Like night and day, at least to me…

6 thoughts on “Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in…

    1. paulvick

      Yup, I did that a while ago. It works great for HTTP 1.1, but HTTP 1.0 doesn’t support it and there are still plenty of requests I get on that, unfortunately.

  1. Karl

    At work we use VB.Net, and on my own projects C#. If at work we used C#, I’d use VB.Net at work just to keep my skills solid in both. Without starting a C# vs VB.Net thing, I can’t agree with you more about how wonderful vb.net’s background compilation is. For the case sensitivity, I typically rather it be insensitive…I’ve always though C# should have an option to disable case sensitivity. However, the 1 thing that’s annoying about VB.NEt’s case insensitive, is that a number of other things are case sensitive, such as Comparisons (when binary), XML stuff, statebags (viewstate in ASP.Net) and probably a lot more. Sometimes its more of a pain in the ass to have the man give you a fish, you forget where you placed you fishing rod.


  2. Shitbag McGruff

    if you’re going to quote a line get it right. dont mean to nitpick but you missed about half the quote. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. not everytime i think im out


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