OK, so the conversion is done. Everything looks OK, but let me know if something isn’t working right. I added a redirect handler to redirect old links to their new location, so let me know if you’re getting broken links, too.

The one thing that .Text doesn’t seem to have is a RSS feed for recent comments. I can work on adding that back in, but it’ll be a low priority unless anyone screams and says that it’s important. There didn’t seem to be that many people subscribed, so…

9 thoughts on “Converted

  1. Scott

    Hi Paul,

    Glad to see you made the switch. For a single blog, adding a comment rss handler should be pretty easy.

    For multi-blog features of .Text it is a bit harder (read: a short coming in my logic :), but hopefully we will have it out of the box shortly.

    One cool thing .Text does support is CommentRss, which basically creates a new feed for the comments of each post. Both SharpReader and RssBandit support this. See for an example.


  2. paulvick

    Mike, it was a little complicated because I was using my own SQL tables for my hand-rolled software. I had to write a bunch of data manipulations to get it into a format that .Text expected it in. Depending on what you use, it might be easier.

    Scott, thanks! I know about CommentRss but don’t get to take advantage of it at the moment because I use NewsGator. πŸ™ I’ll see about adding a comments feed in the near future…

  3. paulvick

    I wasn’t planning to… My first instinct is that I don’t want to have to track comments between two separate blogs. I’m also not sure if .Text can take care of that for me although I’ll confess I haven’t looked at every option. Is there an advantage to having my stuff appear there?

  4. Eric Mutta

    I like the new look, Paul, very sleek!

    BTW, what language do you program in? like for your hand-rolled blogging software…if you say C#, I’ll cry "TRAITOR" πŸ˜€


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