My God, they’re right!

Someone – I forget who – told me that “once you get a copy of your book, it never fails that the first page that you open it to is going to have a glaring error on it, so be prepared.” I thought, “yeah, right.”

So I just opened the book for maybe the second or third time to look something up, and sure enough – right there on the page was a massive, glaring, obvious, how-could-I-and-all-the-other-reviewers-miss-it error.

Ug. I need an aspirin.

2 thoughts on “My God, they’re right!

  1. Scott Mitchell

    Count up all the sentences that contain an error. Then reason how many total sentences there are in total. Point is, the vast, vast, vast, vast, vast majority of the content is pristine – only a few anamolies exist, I’m sure. Take solace in that.


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