Blog software is only as good as its developer…

…and in this case, since I’m the developer, what does that say about me? I just discovered that when I wrote the code to produce the comments feed for my blog, I screwed up. Rather than giving the past x days of comments, my comments RSS feed was giving all the comments for the past x days of entries. So if you commented on an entry that was more than x days (I think it’s something like 10 or 14) old, then it wouldn’t ever show up in the feed. I noticed this by accident when cross-linking to my old IsNot post, and now I think I’ve got it fixed.

So if you’ve submitted some comments and I totally ignored you, it might be because I was relying on a broken comments feed. Then again, it could be because I’m a lazy bastard… You’ll just have to guess!

(I will be going back through all my comments to find ones that I might have missed…)

11 thoughts on “Blog software is only as good as its developer…

  1. vbNullString

    I’m creating blog engine with .NET. I got it up and running but it’s very primitive. One of the things I’m going to have to figure out is to how to create RSS feed. Paul, could you give me some hints?

  2. vbNullString

    Hello, Paul.
    Thank you very much for the link. hmm… I was wondering why can’t I just generate XSD using XSD.exe out of whatever RSS is available out there (or just get XSD from somewhere) and generate code out of it? It may be really easy to do… I’m going to give it a try.


  3. Robert Jacobson

    Your feed also doesn’t work with Bloglines. I just get the headlines + the summaries, not the body.

  4. karl

    Ignore that firefox comment. I noticed it worked at home yesterday..and tried again at go. I resized my browser hit refresh and now it always works…back to ie I guess 🙂

  5. paulvick

    The code’s probably of questionable value since it’s tied to the underlying data model that I coded up. However, the way that I do it from an ASPX page is that I just have a page with no markup in the ASPX file. Then in the Form.PreRender event, I just use Response.Write to return the RSS string that I’ve put together.

  6. vbNullString

    Hello, Paul.
    That’s quite interesting. After I asked you how to do it, I struggled with creating RSS feed myself. I was able to create RSS feed using Web Serivce.

    Here is how I did it.

    As I mentioned before, I created XSD for RSS feed and generated C#. It seems to be working fine. However, how I did RSS feed is quite tacky. I should mention that in my blog too… I basically generated XML file on my web server and read it into XmlDocument object and return its root element as XmlElement. So if I can figure out how to convert RSS object into XML on the fly and read that into DOM within memory, I don’t have to generate XML file to the file system… I will try to do that later when I pretty much finish all my blog engine. 🙂


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