Can you quit and not even know it?

So my wife’s been working out with a personal trainer at the health club we belong to through work. Yesterday, we get a call from the trainer saying that she can’t meet with Andy because we cancelled Andy’s membership with the health club, which is odd because we hadn’t. So I called the health club this morning and they told me that they cancelled my wife’s membership because Microsoft told me that I was cancelling my membership! So I called the Microsoft benefits line and they informed me that they cancelled my health club membership because the HR system says that I’m resigning from Microsoft this Friday!

Is there some memo I didn’t get?

I’m sure that some wires got crossed somewhere between me and Paul Vijijlkj or whoever is quitting on Friday and it’ll all be straightened out in short order. But it’s just another Brazil-esque reminder of how technology can take on a life of it’s own. Glad I figured this out through the health club ahead of time and not when my next paycheck didn’t show up or my cardkey stopped working…

5 thoughts on “Can you quit and not even know it?

  1. Scott Mitchell

    Are you sure this isn’t Microsoft’s way of quietly firing you? 😉 Reminds me of Office Space when they decide to just stop paying that one guy, assuming he’d just figure it all out eventually… 😉

  2. Tommy Bowen

    Just go with the flow, Paul. I’m trying to fill two .NET programming positions right now. Heck, I’ll make one a PM position for ya. C’mon, move back to Durham. Make your parents happy…

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