Interface reimplementation

Frans points out that in the current version of VB.NET you can’t re-implement an interface that your base class implements. Although reimplementing a base interface isn’t a common scenario, there are some times (such as the one that Frans outlines) where it is needed. Although I don’t know whether this is in the PDC build or not, I don’t think it’s much of a revelation to say that the Whidbey version of VB will allow interface reimplementation. Doesn’t help now, but…

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  1. Larry Wheeler

    I need help on Visual Basic browser functionality. We have a web browser that was created in 2000 using the Internet Explorer Version 4.0. Our servers have been updated to the latest updates from Microsoft. We now get Java Script errors when using our VB created browser. I think that the dll’s and ocx’s have changed on the server but not in the VB product. How do you upgrade your modules in VB to create a higher level browser to equal v5.5 or V6.

    1. paulvick

      Unfortunately, Larry, I don’t know the answer to your question. However, all is not lost. The MSDN Visual Basic developer center ( contains a number of resources that you can probably use to get your question answered. It has links to articles on VB as well as the knowledge base (KB), which contains answers to many common questions. It also has pointers to the public newsgroups which are monitored by many helpful MVPs who will probably be glad to help you get your question answered. Thanks!

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