“Ask a Language Designer” fixed!

Cory was nice enough to point out that my Ask a Language Designer page was broken. You could type in stuff, but when you clicked “Send,” nothing happened. The problem was that in the last blog software upgrade, I somehow managed to delete the “Handles Send.Click” clause from the handler for the button, so nothing was getting sent. It should be fixed now. The way to tell is that if you submit a question and you aren’t take back to the main page by clicking the Send button, then it’s broken. You can always send me mail at paul@panopticoncentral.net if you ever run into problems with the blog. Thanks again to Cory!

As a result, anything that’s been submitted over the past month or so was lost. Please don’t think I was ignoring you, and please resubmit your question!

While I was fixing that, I also made a few minor changes. I stole an intersting idea by Clemens and added a small image bug to the entries in my main RSS and comment RSS feeds. The immediate result is that you’ll get lots of updated entries, but over time I hope I can get a better idea what people read and are interested in. All reporting on the image bugs is an aggregate report (i.e. hit counts) and no other information that that is logged. Feel free to leave comments on this if there are any concerns or problems.

3 thoughts on ““Ask a Language Designer” fixed!

  1. Urs

    Perhaps you cut/pasted the button in the VS.NET IDE designer, which automatically removes the Handles clause… this issue has already caused lots of complaints in newsgroups. It only seems fair to me if MSFT staff are suffering from this flaw themselves 🙂


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