Those darn buggy milk cartons!

For once I get to out-Raymond Raymond and post something from the way-back machine. I’m not sure what it is with Microsoft employees and milk, but here’s another bug report from Excel from 1994 that I saved because it was funny. Aliases removed because a surprising number of them still seem to be around. (The T: indicates the person was a tester, I believe, while D: was for developer and P: was for program manager.)

——————– ACTIVE – 05/12/94 – T:XXXXXX ———————–
: Go to the kitchen
: Grab a Darigold chocolate milk carton
: Read the ingredients list

–! Either Darigold has discovered a chocolate cow, or something’s missing from the ingredients list. It only lists milk, vitamin A, and vitamin D. So where does the chocolate/sugar flavor come from?
——————– ACTIVE – 05/12/94 – T:XXXXXX ———————–
Moo info:

: Grab a Darigold 2% milk carton (NOT chocolate)
: Read the ingredients

–! Says it contains Cocoa, Sugar, Guar gum… Looks like the Chocolate and 2% ingredient lists have been swapped.
————— ASSIGNED to D:XXXXX – 05/12/94 – D:XXXXXXXX ————-
looks like an internals problem?
————— ASSIGNED to D:XXXXX – 05/12/94 – D:XXXXX —————-
UI Problem. I’ll take it.
————— ASSIGNED to D:XXXXX – 05/12/94 – D:XXXXX —————-
They don’t make milk at the Issaquah Darigold. Calling Ranier Ave.
————— ASSIGNED to D:XXXXX – 05/12/94 – D:XXXXX —————-
I can’t repro. Do you have the wrong MILKINTL.DLL?
————— ASSIGNED to D:XXXXX – 05/12/94 – T:XXXXXXXX ————-
By design? I think new US health labeling went in to effect this month.
————— ASSIGNED to D:XXXXX – 05/12/94 – D:XXXXX —————-
Wrong Department. Transferred from Distribution to Production. Left voicemail for “Frank”.
————— ASSIGNED to D:XXXXX – 05/12/94 – D:XXXXX —————-
Reproduces in the Development Kitchen. Need a native build of the Kitchen…
————— ASSIGNED to D:XXXXX – 05/12/94 – D:XXXXX —————-
This is a feature. IntelliSense labeling knew that you didn’t want to feel guilty about the chocolate in the milk, so it didn’t list it on the box.
————— ASSIGNED to D:XXXXX – 05/12/94 – D:XXXX —————-
Recommend postpone. Reading the ingredients is not a common user scenario.
————— ASSIGNED to EXCEL – 05/12/94 – D:XXXXX ——————
By Design. However, there’s another bug that should be entered:
They got the calories correct on the chocolate milk (190). I still feel guilty.
————— ASSIGNED to EXCEL – 05/12/94 – D:XXXXXXXX —————
I think postpone for after mac release. Also keep the buggy samples fully intact with debug symbols and map file till this one gets reactivated for the next release.
————— ASSIGNED to EXCEL – 05/12/94 – D:XXXXX ——————
Please make sure a copy of the above is stored on \cashcow for future reference.
————— RESOLVED – WON’T FIX – 05/12/94 – P:XXXXX —————
Fixing the package is just a band-aid. We need to come up with a solution that addresses the real problem in 96. My recommendation is chocolate cows.

Please close and assign to DARIGOLD.
————— ASSIGNED to T:XXXXXX – 05/12/94 – T:XXXXXXXX ————
I thought the latest drop of ole2 manager supports insitu ingredient srvr
——————– CLOSED – 05/12/94 – T:XXXXXX ———————–
——————– CLOSED – 05/12/94 – T:XXXXXX ———————–

Maybe we all just drink a little too much milk…

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