Oh, and one thing I’ve learned is…

…when ordering business cards, order the smallest batch possible. I’ve thrown out tons of perfectly serviceable business cards in my career so far because the cards failed to keep pace with whatever I happened to be doing at the moment. So this time when I ordered, I ordered as few as I could. They’ll still probably mostly get thrown out, but at least that saved some paper.

5 thoughts on “Oh, and one thing I’ve learned is…

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  2. Evan

    I was reading around looking for people looking for short run printing. We just started offering 100 cards after finding that customer express the same feelings as you. Small orders are they way to go unless you are already at the top of the food chain. (shame less plug coming) Check out http://www.overnightprints.com

  3. Printing Business Cards

    Remember that business cards are a great form of advertising. Most people will take a business card and will hold on to them. I have used http://www.48hourprint.com for 48hourprint turnaround. Great prices, and great customer service!

  4. < A HREF="http://www.latenightpr

    The problem with short run cards is that most of them are printed digitally. The best quality business cards come from lithographic printing and are fairly expensive because of the equipment and time required for litho printing. If you are having problems unloading your cards – attach a business card holder to your vehicle. Likely the best way to move your cards is to get a really kick ass professionally done card with full color on both sides – clients can’t get enough. In fact, collectors will want them = more exposure:)


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