Here we go again…

Not content to leave well enough alone, I’ve continued to hack away at the OpEd codebase to try and add some features that I thought would be useful. I’m now trying them out live, so if there are any problems, do let me know. Major changes are:

  • The backend storage is now a SQL Server database instead of an XML file. No one should really notice this, I hope.
  • I merged “comment view” into “permalink view” and added a permanent redirect from the former to the latter. I didn’t see much point in not showing comments in permalink view.
  • Every item now has a Trackback URL. I hope it works – I tried it out locally, but the world seems to be a variable place. Autodiscovery of TrackBack from RSS and embedded RDF in the page should work too.
  • I now generate dc:creator tags in the RSS, so names should start showing up in SharpReader.

I think that’s the major stuff. I’ve already had to fix a number of glitches since going live, so I won’t be surprised if there aren’t a few more disasters lurking around the corner…

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