Caveat emptor

Sean and Scott say that I “let […] it be known that “Orcas” will follow the “Whidbey” release of .NET”, although I’m afraid that I can’t take credit. Eric beat me to it at VSLive! many months ago. I figured if my VP could say it in public, I could get away with it too… How’s that for CYA?

But I would add a “caveat emptor” on that as well. Looking beyond the current release is always an inexact science to say the least, and who knows? Another release could be added before Orcas. (Wonder why Whidbey and Orcas are islands, while Everett isn’t?) Or the codename could change. Or giant alien ants could arrive on our planet, making the entire software industry as we know it obsolete. (And, in the immortal words of Kent Brockman, “I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.”)

So I wouldn’t get too hung up on Orcas just yet…

2 thoughts on “Caveat emptor

  1. Scott Mitchell

    It turns out my assessment of the situation may have been a bit, uh, premature. I would like to take this time to reaffirm my allegience to our current human leaders. They may not be perfect, but they’re the best we have… for now.


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