Lambda expression improvements

WARNING: This is a speculative post. Caveat emptor.

I haven’t finished reading through all the comments from my previous post yet, but I did think it was worth stating that we are considering improvements to lambda expressions in the next version. Specifically, we’re looking at allowing single-line lambdas that don’t actually return anything, something like:

Dim x = Sub() Console.WriteLine(10)

This was something we wanted to support in 2008, but just ran out of time for. We’re also thinking about multi-line lambdas that contain statements instead of just a single expression. So something along the lines of:

Dim y = Function(x)
            If x > 0 Then
                Return x
                Return -x
            End If
        End Function

Like C#, we’d infer the return type of a multi-line lambda by attempting to pick the best type of all the Return statements.

This is really a common request, so it’s definitely something we’re strongly considering.

Design meeting Channel9 interview…

While I was out on vacation last week, Beth posted a video that she did at one of our language design meetings on Channel9. Check it out. If you get confused about the joke about the gray shirt, Beth also explains that on her blog. I had a little more to say in this video than I did in the one of the design meeting that I go to as a guest

A little update on VB10 thinking…

WARNING: This is a speculative post. Caveat emptor.

It’s been a while since I’ve had much of anything to say about our thinking about VB10 (well, it’s been a while since I’ve had much of anything to say) and I wanted to give a quick update on our thinking:

We also keep getting asked about:

  • Iterators. This is definitely on our radar but it’s a big item. We’re considering it, but it hasn’t been thought about nearly as much as some of the other things above…

Another thing that is on our radar:

And, of course, other stuff that will be talked about in good time…