It gets inside your head, man…

Still not at a point to post more about how the session went (long story, short: very good), but I had a funny moment just a second ago. I was looking at the internal website that has speaker evaluation information to see how people liked the session. Pulled up the data and sorted it in Excel. Then I was thinking, “You know, I really want to filter out sessions that didn’t get a lot of feedback reports because they might skew the data.” Since I’m not an Excel expert, the thought occured to me:

You know, I could just fire up my LINQ-enabled VB that I demo’ed today, save the Excel file to XML, read the XML into XLinq and then write a query on that data and then I’d be able to use VB instead of having to figure out all that Excel stuff.

What happens when you drink your own Kool-Aid? I guess I’ve found out…


4 thoughts on “It gets inside your head, man…”

  1. Even though I blogged a bit about VB 9.0 before the PDC, the concurrent talk "Future Directions in Modeling Tools" won out for me. Sorry, I didn’t go to your talk Paul.

    Would the session evaluation query you mentioned also be possible in C# 3.0? My colleagues don’t take me seriously if I start coding in VB…

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