Beard = success?

What I want to know about this theory is: what happens if you’re someone like me, who cycles between growing a beard and going beardless? Or does it just matter whether your official picture has a beard? I’ve got one right now, so does that mean I’m doing better work than when I didn’t have one months ago?

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  1. Eric G. Harrison

    < ![CDATA[A beard better not be a requirement for success. I just spent a week not shaving, and if you caught me in the right light, you might have seen a slight shadow. Very slight. Couldn’t take the humiliation this morning and shaved it all away!]]>

  2. Arild

    < ![CDATA[So, a way to increase your success is to start smoking (with a stronger beard growthy as a result)? 🙂

  3. Bill Burrows

    I too am a beard off/on guy like you. As my beard has grayed, it makes me look older. This can be good if you want to look older (but at a certain age, looking old and being old start to be the same thing – in this case, one trys to "look" younger). I have found that my course evaluations are not correlated with my beard or lack thereof so I would say beard <> success. Rather, doing a good job = success 🙂

  4. M.J. Easton

    < ![CDATA[As another bearded/beardless type I've found the politics of facial hair to be critical to my continued success/failure (my family wanted a lawyer and got a geek). A few of my thoughts: 1) <A href="">Beardless</A&gt; is essential for job interviews.

    2) A <A href=">"neatly trimmed beard</A> is excellent for oficial photos (especially if there’s a double chin to hide).

    3) Being beardless is good for first dates with ladies.

    4) A beard is fine when out whoring.

    5) Beardless is good for the pre-sales meetings with important clients.

    6) A steadily growing beard is an excellent way to indicate the current state of progress on a project.

    7) A straggly beard containing pizza, and whffing of hi-caffein cola is essential for a go-live to be successful.


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  6. Alan Dale

    No shave for two weeks while on vacation. Never grown my beard before and did not think it was up to much. Had a short blonde beard at the end with brown/ginger patches. Continued the growth for 6 weeks as advised on site ‘all about beards’ and had a full bushy beard. Put ten years on me and I usually look younger than my years. Wife likes it and have kept it although now trimmed.

  7. Weaver

    yes, beard does = success. Look at Randy Moss… he sucks in Oakland. Then he goes to the Patriots and all the OL has beards, so he grows one. Record season anyone?

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