5 thoughts on “100K project problems

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  2. Paul

    Thanks for pointing this out. We have been getting this problem for a while and this fix appears to have corrected it. I agree with Aaron’s comments though, it’s a shame that this fix could not have had a higher profile. We have also been having a lot of problems with the IDE crashing, since installing this today though it seems to be ok, so far!

  3. Dan McKinley

    < ![CDATA[We tried this hotfix out a few months ago, as we have been pretty heavily affected by this. Unfortunately, there seems to be a deadlock bug associated with the hotfix that prevents us from opening our main solution. People with single proc machines were fine for the most part, but most of our developers are using dual proc machines and had to roll back the hotfix 🙁

      1. Dan McKinley

        < ![CDATA[Here's some info that helped alleviate the deadlock problem, although it didn't fix every machine. —— The escalation team is still looking at your issue, but they’ve given one possible reason for the hang; the application message queue may be completely filled up which prevents the final message that completes the load from getting through. According to them, one work around is to raise the number of posted messages per message queue. This is done by modifying the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE


        Windows NT




        Could you see if there is an existing value for this key

        (USERPostMessageLimit) and what it’s set to? There used to be a limit of 10,000, but I believe that number can be set higher now. Create the key if you need to, and set it to some value greater than 10,000. Then see if the problem still occurs.



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