Best VB bloggers

A few weeks ago, I asked for recommendations for non-Microsoft VB bloggers. Without further ado, here are the lists…

“Community Seal of Approval” Blogs (blogs that got at least one recommendation)

“Not Afraid to Toot My Own Horn“ Blogs (blogs that recommended themselves)

“Honorable Mention“ Blogs (blogs that weren’t mentioned but probably should have been)

If there are any you think I missed, feel free to add more comments!

17 thoughts on “Best VB bloggers”

  1. Interesting list, there are actually A LOT of VB Coders that deserve to be on that list, in fact it seems fairly short.

    We VB Developers need to stick together and spread the Joy just to keep our head above water compared to the C#ies.

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  3. I’ll echo the recommendation for Julie Lerman. Hers is the first blog I check each morning. I’ve gotten a lot of good information from her, learned about things I wouldn’t have looked for otherwise and been pointed to some other great blogs.

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  6. MS has introduce a new technology to compete with Adobe Flash/Air called Silverlight 2.0/MFP. The only problem is, if you are a VB programmer, MS cares little about you jumping in at the onset of this technology for the sake of your livelihood. MS is only providing tutorials/webcasts/videos for C# programmers. This irratates me because it gives C# programmers an edge of VB in the marketplace. I have decided to quit MS and move over to Adobe and larn Action Script. I have long been fed up wit MS showing favortism to C# programmers and treating us VB programmers as bastard step-children

  7. Hey you forgot to include mine…lol…ok I would fall under not afraid to toot my own horn, but I write my own How-To blog…where I post various items about VB development and when I want to take a break post some how-tos on other topics as well, Crystal Reports, Excel, Word , Etc.

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