6 thoughts on “Aw, crap, Bill’s blogging… What have I done?”

  1. Hi Paul,

    I have a question on VB.NET, being a regular reader of your blog and I got the inspiration from you to start my own blog as Bill, I wanted to ask this here.

    Is it possible to set an access key(Hot Key) for a tabstrip control in VB.NET?

    Eg. The Text is to be set as "&Accounts" so that we can access it thru alt + the underlined character.

    How to achieve this? Any clues.

    I tried all possible ways that I can, but no go.

    Please excuse me if this is not the right place to ask questions like this.



      1. Thanks Paul.

        I already posted this query in all the UG’s i am involved and also in newsgroups.

        Eagerly waiting for an answer from some one.

        Thanks again.

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