Who are the best VB bloggers?

A while ago Eric asked “Who are the best C# bloggers external to MS?” which sparked a similar question in my own mind: Who are the best VB bloggers external to MS? I have my own opinions, but I’m interested to see who people find helpful and/or interesting. Just add your comments and I’ll post a list later this months…

21 thoughts on “Who are the best VB bloggers?

  1. Stuart

    I like the blog stylings of Richard Tallent (www.tallent.us).

    I’ll also give Greg Robinson a +1 for himself.

    I fancy myself a VB blogger, too, though you people will be the judge of whether or not "best" is an appropriate descriptor. (BTW, my blog has been inactive for the past couple months, but will be returning to normal operations next week.)

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  4. secretGeek

    Actually — in case they’d slipped your mind, here’s three serious suggestions.

    Early and adopter for one:


    Julie Lerman touches on VB on occasion (she’s the best of all), "Don’t be iffy"


    And Mike Gunderloy, although more C# than VB, *is* a published author of many VB books, and author of the only blog that I (for one) simply must check each day, even during power outages, the Daily Grind:


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