Demonstration of XML in VB9

For those of you who might be curious about how the XML integration features in VB9 work, there’s now a great screencast up on Channel 9 that walks you through them while building a sample application:

The next version of VB .Net adds Xml as a built in data type using the new LINQ to XML API. As a built in data type, VB 9.0 provides the ability to create XML using XML Literals and to query XML documents using XML properties. This webcast contains a demo by David Schach, the lead developer in this project, of creating a program to share pictures over the internet.

Check it out!

5 thoughts on “Demonstration of XML in VB9

  1. Fan Shi

    I have a suggestion to VB9. Could you make VB program runnable without compiling? I mean run a VB source just like a script language. Think that VB have the ability to deal with XML natively, how cool? I can’t wait to use it as my daily task script. But It needs build, that’s not convenient enough :).

    I don’t mean to make VB9 a script language. There are a lot of "C# code runner" implementations. Just put this functionality into vbc.exe natively. That will be OK.

  2. Jonathan Allen

    No offense is intended, but I have to say that was the most boring tech video I have seen in a long time. Perhaps you should pick someone else to do the presentation.


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