3 thoughts on “VB Rocks .NET Rocks Again

  1. Alex Kazovic


    After listening to the show I would like to make one suggestion. Put on hold the big projects like LING and instead get the whole team to focus on the many small changes that we’ve all wanted.

    My worry is that the team will spend so much time on the big things that you run out of time for the many small changes.

    Whilst none the small changes are vital together they do add up. Again, as they are not vital there really isn’t anybody championing them.

    Two other possible reasons for doing this. Firstly, by working on those bits now it may be possible include this work in a point release of .Net in time for Vista. Secondly, it will allow time for the subconscious to thing about LING and come back to it with a different/more seasoned perspective.

  2. Fan

    I think we should give them more time to think more or refine current language features. VB.net has lost a lot of users, does the VB team have confidence to make VB9 a much better tool than ever before? I’m looking foward to it.

  3. paulvick

    Alex, we’re definitely working on the small stuff as well as the big stuff. We want to get big things like LINQ out there to get as much feedback as possible, but we know that focusing on the little things is equally important! We’re going to do our best to cover both bases…


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