Back from the beach…

Things have been quiet around Panopticon Central while Andrea and I headed out to the East Coast to hang out at the North Carolina beach with my family and in Virginia with her family. We managed to get good weather all around, managing to avoid hurricane related storms and the like. So now I’ve got a few things to catch up on – after roughly a day of work, I’ve got my email down to under 100 messages, which is good but not perfect (I try to keep my Inbox at least under 20).

And Scott, before we add “ain’t” to VB, we’re at least going to add “y’all” as a statement separator. As in:

If x < 10 Then Y’all
    Return 30 Y’all
End If Y’all

I guess for the Canadians, we’ll also need to accept “eh?” as a statement separator as well…

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